About Us

In 2011, one of our largest clients sent us a toolkit for the upcoming year that used the Lobster font for the key visuals. Since then, we haven’t stopped seeing the font all over the internet. Clients like McDonald’s or Lego have used the font in their advertisements and the Internet has been literally “plagued” by lobsters. Since Comic Sans, never has a font stirred up so many reactions of love/hate like Impallari’s Lobster Font. We are Alberto and Andrew, two art directors at G2 Madrid who found ourselves screaming “Lobster!” every time we surfed the web, and in the end, decided to gather all the examples that we found to share them with the design community. Are we fans or haters of the font? Only time will tell:


Alberto AntónBorn and raised in Toronto, Alberto Antón decided to spend a couple months in Madrid after completing the graphic design program at George Brown College. That was 1997. He’s still there. During this time he’s worked at several ad agencies in Madrid, starting at Y&R as an intern, working his way up at BBDO, then Vitruvio/Leo Burnett, to G2 Spain where he currently works as a senior art director. Over the years he has worked for a diverse range of clients, and has won awards from festivals such as El Sol, CdeC, and Cannes. He has always been interested in typography and it’s one aspect of his work he specially cares for. When Alberto’s not in front of a Mac, it’s because he’s either spending time with his 2 daughters, or figuring out Rolling Stones songs on his Les Paul.


Andrew PyottAndrew Pyott was born in a small town in dark and gloomy England in 1984. Not before long, his parents decided to whisk him off to somewhere slightly warmer. They opened a bar on the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, where hebecame fluent in both Spanish and English. At 18 he decided to take on Media Studies at the University of Málaga, where he fell in love with all kinds of graphic design, and ended up doing a Master’s Degree in Computer Animation once he’d finished. In 2007, he moved to Madrid looking for work, and settled in at his current job as a Junior Art Director at G2 Spain (Grey Group). In his spare time, he enjoys creating all kind of proyects (like this Blog); trying his hand at Photography or even completing the odd freelance job. He lives with his girlfriend Yanina, his son Oliver and Picasso, their cat, in a small (yet very bright) apartment in the district of Ciudad Lineal. They are very happy.